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CCAL Fall Conference Recording #1 - Friday 9/29/23

  • 10/03/2023
  • 11/30/2023
  • Virtual


  • Beth Cannon Motivational Speech 1.5 hours
    Beth Cannon Recruit to Retain 3 hour workshop
    LDOE Update 1.5 clock hours

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 CCAL 2023 Fall Education Conference

Virtual Training

Conference Recording Includes the Following Sessions

6 Clock Hours

  • Beth Cannon Motivational Speech 1.5 hours
  • Beth Cannon Recruit to Retain 3 hour workshop 
  • LDOE Update 1.5 clock hours

After registering for this recording and finalizing the  payment CCAL will send you the ZOOM link to this recording.

Upon completion you are expected to email and attest to viewing the six hour recording.  

 In turn, CCAL will mail the registrant an attendance certificate. 

"Assess Your Quest"

Beth Cannon (1 clock hour)

Delve into the depths of your purpose by discovering your true "WOW" factor, while staying grounded in your compelling "WHY." In this keynote  presentation, Beth Cannon will help you rekindle your unwavering passion for children, teaching, and learning, and how your connectedness to your team will create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Your role is not merely a job but a profound calling—one that you were destined to embrace wholeheartedly. Prepare to be inspired, as you gain invaluable insights into the lives you touch and the legacy you leave behind. You'll discover that your job may, in fact, be a calling that you are meant to fulfill and the lives you are intended to impact.

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator, and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams. With a heart to serve early educators through business and leadership strategy and team-building, Beth serves as a keynote speaker, conference presenter, digital course creator, coach, and consultant. She’s also the creator of  – an online platform for early education professional development. You can find her chatting it up on multiple industry podcasts, webinars, and the mix of social platforms.

Her passion for kids (and fitness!) led her to start an international children’s fitness franchise- in 1999. She quickly became the #1 business owner, and as an instructional design specialist, she created the business operations and employee management systems, instructor certification program, and is the International Corporate Trainer for franchisees across the globe. Beth is also a registered early education trainer and certified classroom teacher with a bachelor’s degree in communications/Education from the University of Texas at Arlington. Oh, and just for fun, she’s been a group fitness instructor since she was 17 and currently teaches hot yoga on the weekends!

Louisiana Department of Education Updates

Moderator - Karen Powell, Deputy Assistant

Superintendent, Early Childhood Strategy

  • Shelia Campbell
  • Child Care Assistance Program – Tamara Patrick
  • Licensing Updates (Bulletin 137) –Andrea Burl
  • Criminal Background Checks – Kayla Batiste

Recruit to Retain presented by Beth Cannon

Be prepared to be inspired...then IMPLEMENT!
We will break down the components of a signature Attract-Engage-Train framework with the latest and best practices for finding the right fit for your center. Participants will learn 
 a variety of strategy, development and training tactics on how to recruit and retain your A-Team. 

Childcare Association of Louisiana is statewide,  non-profit, professional membership organization that advocates on behalf of the early childhood education profession. 

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