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SPRING CONFERENCE Onsite Saturday 3/23/2024

  • 03/23/2024
  • 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • West Baton Rouge Conference Center, 2750 N. Westport Drive, Port Allen, Louisiana


  • This sponsorship allows companies that provide products or services to childcare providers to distribute brochures or marketing materials to all of our onsite conference attendees.
  • Sponsors who would like to also specifically sponsor the mimosa break
  • includes 6 foot table and two chairs


Spring Education Conference

Saturday March 23, 2024

Earn Six Clock Hours Approved

by Louisiana Pathways and LDOE 

Virtual and Onsite Registration Options Available

West Baton Rouge Conference Center

2750 N. Westport Drive

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Featuring Ty Clark "The Child Care Whisperer"

Saturday March 23, 2024

Morning Breakout Session for Teachers

Teaching Transforms the Heart and Minds of Teachers

Presented by Mr. Ty Clark  “The Childcare Whisperer”

Transformative teaching refers to an approach to education that goes beyond traditional methods, aiming to create a profound and lasting impact on students' knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values. This teaching style is not just about

delivering information; it seeks to empower students, foster critical thinking, and promote personal and social growth. These are the three key topics:

Critical Thinking: Transformative teaching encourages students to question, analyze, and evaluate information critically. It goes beyond rote memorization and promotes a deeper understanding of concepts.

Active Learning: This approach often involves interactive and participatory activities, such as discussions, group projects, and hands-on experiences. Students are actively engaged in the learning process, which enhances their understanding and retention of the material.

Reflection:  Transformative teaching encourages students to reflect on their learning experiences. This reflection helps them connect new knowledge to their existing understanding and personal experiences, making the learning

more meaningful.

Ready Set Eat Food Safety - Dianne Constant, Agenda for Children

Ready Set Eat Food Safety is a session on how children grow and develop. This is an interactive session that includes information on handling children with special needs. After completion of this three-hour training class, participants will be able to:

·       Define the grasping status

·       Describe a positive and supportive learning environment for feeding children

·       Be able to discuss how language and feeding are related.

·       CLASS language is used.

This class meets the Louisiana Department of Health food safety requirement.

The ABC-123’s of Changing Challenging Behavior - Rebecca Freedman, FirstDay Learning

This two-hour workshop takes a deep dive into the writing and implementation of behavior change plans. Participants will be trained on FirstDay Learning’s ABC-123 plan for effective prevention and responses to challenging behavior. Educators will be given the time and guidance to understand the 6 steps in a behavior change program and create a plan that works for their specific needs.  Session goals include:

● Create simple behavior change plans for children that are struggling in their classrooms

● Learn strategies on how to communicate behavior plans to colleagues and families

● Understand the steps and strategies needed in understanding, documenting and replacing challenging behavior

Saying What You Mean:  Effective Communication Strategies for Avoiding Conflict presented by Karen M. Stevens, M.A., LPC-S, NCC – Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

We are often moving from one task to the next. Communicating daily with multiple sources, text messages, telephone calls, emails, video, letters, and face to face can present challenges and even chaos. If you’ve ever said, “that’s not what I meant”, this workshop is for you. This workshop will provide effective communication strategies and conflict.   

Greaux Healthy: Exploring Indoor and Outdoor Play Presented by Katherine Spring PhD and Kristen Domangue, Pennington Biomedical Center

The Greaux Healthy Indoor and Outdoor Play trainings will illuminate the profound impact of play on the physical and mental development of preschool-age children. Join us as we explore the numerous benefits of physical activity, unravel different types of engaging activities, and delve into evidence-based best practices for integrating play into Early Childhood Education (ECE) centers. Packed with actionable tips, helpful resources, and effective strategies

The 4 Generations in the Workforce and How to Successfully Support  Each One  Presented by Kathe Petchel

There are currently 4 generations in today’s workforce, and each brings unique attributes to the workplace, as well as interesting challenges. Kathe Petchel, Hinge Advisors and a multisite childcare owner, will share strategies to attract each generation, how to help them develop as a cohesive team, what employees really want in 2024 and hiring tips. This session provides the opportunity to develop a hiring and retention plan to serve the families in your community. Bring your questions, successes and creativity! Let’s solve the hiring crisis together!

Recognizing Developmental Delays in Young Children Presented by Dr. Dionne Nichols-Condoll

This presentation will provide the definition and overview  of  “developmental delay” along with explaining the different types of developmental delays in young children.  This presentation will also include sharing the difference between a disability versus a delay in young children and the administration of assessment tools, strategies, resources and materials  to ensure adequate services working with young children with developmental delays.  Class objectives include:

  • To provide insight into the term “developmental delay” in young children.
  •  To share the difference between a disability and a delay. 
  • To use assessment tools, strategies, resources and materials into the early childhood education classrooms. 

The Left Brain of Quality: Leadership and Logistics – Niki Da’Jon, MBA


Revitalize your early childhood education programs with our dynamic training session on leadership and business logistics. This session delves into critical, yet often neglected, aspects of business management and operations vital for maintaining a high-quality educational environment. Participants will gain essential tools and insights that will empower them to enhance their leadership capabilities, streamline program operations and ultimately deliver a higher quality program, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful educational experience for young learners. Niki Da’Jon, with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a BS in Business Administration, has a diverse background in early childhood education (ECE) and business. Starting as an office assistant in a 3- star ECE program and advancing to executive director within five years, she now leads a BESE approved CDA/Ancillary program focusing on ECE training and development and owns a private educational business consulting firm. With 9 years in ECE and expertise in small business development, they are a CLASS Observer, certified in Infant/Toddler and Preschool-3rd, a Trainer of Trainers, and a Louisiana certified trainer for 7 years. Her experience includes delivering training for child care resource and referral agencies and participating in leadership programs, blending business acumen with educational methodologies to effectively guide educators. This diverse experience uniquely qualifies Niki to guide educators in enhancing leadership and operational skills.

Cooking up a Successful Recipe for Concept Development – Annette Bazile

This training will teach educators how to add flavor to concept development in the classroom. Louisiana is known for its cooking techniques and flavors.  It is time to add that same spice to development in the classroom. This two-hour workshop emphasizes a student center approach and provides training on concept development to create an atmosphere for children to develop an understanding of complex concepts. Annette Bazile has a Doctoral degree in Theology of Psychology. She is a MMCI trainer, Train the Trainer, Class Observer, and TSG reliable. She is the mother of two wonderful supportive daughters. She is a  youth leader of her church and a community advocate for children. She is the owner of It Takes A Village Learning Center and has been working in childcare for the past 12 years. I am a certified Pathways trainer.  “I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gained right out my educational journey. Sharing is caring and I care a great deal about children and their educational experiences because shapes life around the key elements they need to succeed” says Ms. Bazile.

Teacher’s Roundtable Discussion

Jennifer Stevenson, Pamela Marshall and Stacey Byes-Byarse

Target Audience:  Teachers and Floaters

Teacher’s Roundtable Discussion is a dynamic forum for educators to collaboratively explore and share innovative practices, challenges, and insights related to early childhood education. This interactive session fosters a sense of community among teachers, creating a space where they can engage in open dialogue about effective teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and the latest research in early childhood development. Participants exchange practical tips, success stories, and valuable resources, enhancing their professional development. The roundtable format encourages peer-to-peer learning, allowing teachers to address common concerns and find collective solutions. Overall, the Teachers Roundtable Discussion serves as a platform for educators to connect, learn from each other, and contribute to the continuous improvement of early childhood education practices. 

Voices from the Field:  Insights from Early Childhood Educators – Katy Dyson 

An insightful presentation where invaluable experiences and perspectives from early childhood educators and caregivers bridge the gap between theory and practice. These firsthand accounts describe real-world application of developmentally appropriate research-based approaches. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the intricate nuances involved in implementing methodologies such as facilitating centers. These approaches, strategically designed to enhance the quality of early childhood education, are aimed at not only fostering optimal child development but also at elevating CLASS scores, providing a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of these methodologies.


CCAL has made arrangements with the Hampton Inn and Suites in Port Allen for discount hotel rooms at the rate of $99/night, plus taxes,for March 21st and/or March 22nd. 

To book a room at the Hampton Inn and Suites, call the hotel at 225 389 6655 and ask for a reservation under the CCAL Room Block to get the discounted hotel room rate. The hotel rate includes breakfast.

CCAL has also made arrangements with the LaQuinta Inn in Port Allen. The discounted CCAL room rate is $99/night, plus taxes, for  March 21st and/or March 22nd. To book a hotel room, call the hotel at 225.883.3253

Both of these facilities are within walking distance of the West Baton Rouge Conference Center.

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